Sheikh Mohammed Announces a $41 million Fund for Content Production and Influencer Headquarters in Dubai.

UAE: Sheikh Mohammed oversees funding allocation to content creators and provides a permanent home for social media influencers in Dubai.


A $41 million content creator fund and a permanent office for social media influencers in the city have been unveiled by Dubai.

The fund will provide facilities and training opportunities for content producers, and an influencer HQ will serve as a permanent home base for social media professionals in Dubai.


The UAE’s Vice President, Prime Minister, and ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, oversaw the fund’s grant of AED 150 million ($41 million) to encourage content producers and construct a year-round influencer headquarters.


The New Media Academy in Dubai hosted the 1 Billion Followers Summit, where the news was made.

Sheikh Mohammed observed that the media accurately reflects the goals and communities it covers.

Because of this, the media needs to stay current with global knowledge, science, and technology, develop new ideas and methods, and strengthen its position as a window into our cultural and national accomplishments.


He emphasized the value of content production as a means of telling the world about the United Arab Emirates and providing a glimpse into its customs, achievements, and the inventiveness of its younger generations, which propels humankind forward.


Sheikh Mohammed said: “Today we issued directives to allocate a fund valued at AED150m to support content creators and transform the digital media sector.

“We also instructed the establishment of a permanent influencers headquarters that provides year-round support.


“These steps align with our ongoing investment in creative talents who will write new inspiring stories that will add to the UAE’s influential media presence on the global stage.


Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, said: “The establishment of a permanent influencers headquarters reflects the concept of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in supporting content creators, talents, and innovators to help transform the digital media sector.”


These initiatives will strengthen the UAE’s standing as the world’s hub for digital content.

Content creators, publishers, other media professionals, and social media influencers will profit from it.

In addition to fostering and empowering storytelling to improve content quality with the aid of experts and academics, the fund seeks to draw investments into the rapidly expanding and up-and-coming field of new media. It also supports the creation of cutting-edge local content that advances the UAE’s ambitions for the future and solidifies its standing as a destination for exceptional talent and innovators and a significant hub for meaningful media worldwide.


Among the many services the permanent influencers’ offices provide are filmmaking studios and classes on narrative, photography, broadcasting, and platform administration.

Additionally, it helps individuals develop the know-how to put their concepts and material into action, acquire the abilities and methods necessary to produce powerful content and offer technical assistance while working with well-known companies like Google and Facebook.